Real Police Turn Up At ‘Police-Themed’ Birthday Party Of A Five-Year-Old Boy

Instead of being surprised with gifts and treats on his birthday, a cheeky five year old birthday boy from counties Manukau, managed to surprise everybody by inviting the police to his birthday party!

The boy had told his mother that he wanted to have a police themed birthday party and kept calling up 111, the emergency number in New Zealand to invite the cops to his party.

The operator who answered the call was not sure if anybody from the police department could make it, but she said she would anyway inform her colleagues about the invitation.

The party was just getting started when the little boy and his parents and friends heard a knock on the door, and were surprised to see the police dressed in full riot gear standing at the door.

Zachary’s dream had actually come true, and he invited the police to come in and also received a surprise gift from them in the form of a cute police dog toy. They then asked him to come out and check out some of the police gear outside.

Surrounded by the police and his parents and friends, Zach had a go at the police equipment and even playfully arrested one of his friends and played with the police siren as well.

To surprise him even further, the police had even arranged a police helicopter, Eagle, to flyover his house.

It was certainly an eventful birthday for Zachary, and after he blew out the candles on his cake, he made sure everybody digged into the scrumptious cake and jelly served later.

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