Three NYPD Officers Responds To Shoplifting Call, Buys Groceries For Hungry Shoplifter

Three New York Police officers were called to the Whole Foods store after a woman was caught shoplifting there, but what happened next when they arrived there is going to melt your hearts.

NYPD pays for shoplifted woman

The police officers instead of arresting her, ended up paying for all the food she had stashed in her bag at the Whole food store in Union Square.

The entire episode was filmed by Paul Bozymowski, a film and television director who was a bystander at the store. He took to Twitter and posted a photo of the woman with her hands and a tissue over her face, as the officers and she were standing at the exit at the store.

He wrote, “This woman was being held by security. She had food in her bag she didn’t pay for. When the NYPD showed up, they paid for her food,”

Later, the police force’s chief of department, Terence Monahan, retweeted Bozymowski’s photo, mentioning that the three officers belong to the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group, and “are the kind-hearted cops who quietly do good deeds for New Yorkers in need.”

We are so proud of these three compassionate police officers who went above and beyond to pay out of pocket for the lady’s purchases.

Watch the NYPD officers helping hungry shoplifter


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