Comedian Rob Schneider Comes Back to Faith, Jesus ‘Grabbed Me’

Rob Schneider, known for his comedy and roles in movies, has recently talked a lot about his faith. He found his way back to Christianity and is now sharing how important forgiveness and love are to him. Schneider, who many people remember from “Saturday Night Live,” believes these values are key to living a good life.

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After moving away from his faith at a young age, Schneider felt that Jesus brought him back.

“I think Jesus only lets you stray so much, and I think at a certain point, he grabbed me again, and hugged me,” Schneider said.

This change made him look at life differently, especially with the challenges and disagreements that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. He learned to let go of anger and embrace understanding and kindness.

Schneider points out that Christianity teaches love and forgiveness, unlike some beliefs that focus on conflict. He says, “Love your enemy, love thy neighbor as thyself… love others.” This approach has guided him in his personal life and how he interacts with others publicly.

Life events, including his marriage and a project about the Shroud of Turin, helped him reconnect with his faith. On his 60th birthday, Schneider shared his renewed belief and encouraged everyone to consider the power of love and forgiveness, regardless of their views on religion.

Schneider’s career has shifted away from Hollywood, but he’s okay with that.

“I don’t really get work in Hollywood anymore, but I’m not looking for it and I don’t feel like that’s something I need,” he said.

Schneider is more focused on living according to his faith and spreading messages of love. He believes in the strength of faith and the teachings of Jesus about love and forgiveness.

WATCH: Rob Schneider Shares Testimony about Faith

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