Actor Experiences a ‘Craving’ Relationship with God After Filming Missionary Movie

Ryan Phillippe, a well-known actor, has recently shared a powerful story of personal transformation and spiritual awakening after filming his latest movie, ‘Prey’. This experience led him down a path seeking a deeper connection with God.

Ryan Phillippe Prey movie

The movie ‘Prey’ is about a Christian missionary couple in the Kalahari desert. They face life-threatening dangers from an extremist group. This leads to an intense struggle for survival. Ryan Phillippe and Mena Suvari star as the missionary couple. Their story is not just about physical survival. It’s also about facing deep questions about life, faith, and purpose.

WATCH: Christian Movie ‘Prey’ Trailer

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Ryan described the movie and his role as a turning point in his life. “It’s interesting because I was kind of in a darker place when we filmed this,” he told Fox News. It was after filming that he started his spiritual journey. This journey was about looking inward and seeking something greater than worldly success.

“I got back into reading the Bible and various other religious tomes, but I found myself drawn to this notion of spirituality,” Ryan shared. He talked about reaching a point in life where traditional measures of success, like money, don’t fulfill you. This realization sparked his quest for a deeper understanding and relationship with God.

“You know, you get to a point in life, a certain age, and the things that you thought would bring you pleasure or make you feel satisfied — these would be success or money — and it doesn’t, you know? It doesn’t.”

“And I’m so thankful for what I’ve been given and for the experiences that I’ve had and for my children and everything else. But I wanted to have a relationship and understanding with God, and I was craving that.”

Ryan’s search for spiritual depth brought significant changes to his life. “And I’ve got to tell you, since I started that journey, I have not been more at peace. My depression is gone. I shedded addictions,” he revealed.

His story is particularly striking in Hollywood, a place often focused on material success and external appearances. Ryan’s open discussion about his faith and spiritual journey is a refreshing contrast. He shares, “I have a firm and fervent belief in God and that things happen for a reason.” He advocates for spreading love, respect, and positivity to counter the darkness in the world.

Ryan’s journey reminds us that we should always seek to grow our relationship with God. Let’s pray for Ryan as he walks this path, asking God to guide and bless him.

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

WATCH: Ryan Phillippe Talks About His Spiritual Experience After Filming Missionary Movie ‘Prey’