Christian Family Performs Toe-Tapping A Cappella Cover of ‘Sweeter as the Days Go By’

A group of talented musicians performs a stunning a cappella version of the classic hymn ‘Sweeter as the Days Go By.’

sweeter as the days go by cover collingsworth family

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, it’s just the beginning of our spiritual journey. Over time, our faith grows stronger through prayer and reading Scripture. We begin to see God’s hand in our lives and others’. This journey with the Lord becomes sweeter and more fulfilling each day, much like the song describes.

The Collingsworth Family, a well-known Christian music group, delivered a beautiful rendition of ‘Sweeter as the Days Go By.’

The song, written by Genser Smith in 1929, reflects a Christian’s growing relationship with the Lord. It speaks of experiencing God’s love, mercy, and grace in increasingly profound ways.

In their YouTube video, the Collingsworth Family harmonizes flawlessly, creating a heavenly sound with just their voices.

The lyrics capture the essence of a Christian’s walk with the Lord:

It gets sweeter as the days go by
It gets sweeter as the moments fly
His love is richer, deeper, fuller, sweeter
Sweeter, sweeter, sweeter as the days go by

As we continue our journey with God, we find that His love and grace become sweeter each day.

WATCH: The Collingsworth Family Sings Stunning A Cappella Cover of ‘Sweeter as the Days Go By’

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