Truro Cathedral Choir Wows Judges And Audience, Earns Standing Ovation At Britain’s Got Talent

It’s not common to see a cathedral choir perform on a huge talent platform like Britain’s Got Talent, but when Truro Cathedral Choir performed it was magical.

The choir performed on ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ From The Lion King which got a standing ovation from the judges.

Truro Cathedral Choir BGT

When Simon Cowell asked them, “Why did you decide to come on BGT?”

Truro Cathedral’s director of music Christopher Gray – who trains and conducts the mixed choir – replied: “I guess the show’s done so much for variety and bringing it back into the mainstream and we think that something really traditional can be part of that.”

The judges were completely bowled over and appreciated the choir a lot, even Simon who is hard to please, looked highly impressed by them.

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